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-- Pamela Ana, MA & CCC Counselling Therapist


— Pamela Ana, MA & CCC Counselling Therapist

Your emotional wellbeing matters to us, as it does to you.

Are you experiencing conflict or lack of closeness in your relationship? Maybe your arguments go on and on without getting resolved, leaving you feeling lonely and further apart.

Is your child experiencing a problem at home or at school? Are you struggling to understand what is troubling your teenager?

Do you get caught in self-defeating patterns that leave you feeling discouraged? Are you feeling anxious or depressed, stressed or exhausted?

Counseling can help you reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Discover what is most important to you.  Using a supportive approach, you will be helped to explore feelings about yourself, your family, your work, our society and how it has affected you.   You will be encouraged to move beyond what’s holding you back and take the steps required to create lasting changes.  Counseling formats occur for individuals, as couples, families, in groups or workshops.   Sometimes a one-session consult is all that is needed. However, change does take time and 5 to 12 sessions is often suggested.

The cost of counseling (at no cost to the client) may be provided through Workplace EFAP programs, First Nations Health, NTC, ICBC, WCB, or Crime Victims Services. Facilitated groups and workshops may be provided as a contracted service.

Contact us now to start focusing your energy to set personal goals and improve the quality of your life.

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