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Raining Cats and Dogs & Lil’ Snippers Grooming Claim

Pet Foods and Supplies

Raining Cats and Dogs & Lil’ Snippers Grooming

We opened this store on March 21, 2011. Here we have everything under one roof from pet food & treats to dog and cat beds to breed-specific gifts. And, of course, dog grooming. Owning and running a family pet-centered business has been a dream of mine that I’ve had as a little girl growing up in Chilliwack.

We operate two separate businesses in the one location. The dog grooming is called “Lil Snippers Dog Grooming”. My daughter Courtney, the owner of Lil Snippers, was voted the number one dog groomer in Chilliwack for 5 years, and we’ve only been open five years. So we’re very proud of her and the job she’s doing.

One thing that we’re quite dedicated to is educating the public about what you’re feeding your dogs. How to keep your pets healthy from the inside out. Honestly, a lot of people don’t read the labels as to what’s in the dog food that they’re feeding their dogs. I see it as my goal to educate them so that their dogs live a long and a happy life. If you’re not healthy you don’t have a lot. With sick pets all you’ll have is a lot of vet bills.

In our store I really like to support Canadian suppliers when stocking the store. It’s even better within BC, and even better yet within Chilliwack. So I try to support local as much as I can. For example, the very good dog food products from First Mate are made right here in Chilliwack. Plus we have some dog treats from Maple Ridge and Mission. Then there’s “Pets Go Raw” which is made in Cranbrook BC. They deliver frozen raw dog food to us every second week.

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