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A.J. Pets & Supplies is best choice for all your pets and pet products.

Since 2004 A.J. Pets & Supplies has been beating competitor’s prices and service.  We are a one of a kind pet store.  With our clean store, professional service, honest knowledge and low prices it’s no wonder people come from all over western Canada to see our store.  If you are looking for Healthy animals and Quality products there is only one choice, A.J. Pets & Supplies.

We retail all kinds of supplies for all domestic animals including:


A.J. Pets carries a large selection dog supplies, from collars and leashes to toys and treats, we have it all.

We also carry the Full Line of Acana and Orijen Dog Foods.
In fact A.J. Pets was the first pet store in Rocky to bring in this award winning dog food. This award winning pet food is so good that other pet food stores have followed us in selling this great pet food product.

With our FREE bag program makes Acana and Orijen the best choice, getting a great product while saving you money.  As well as Acana and Orijen are backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee.


A.J. Pets is Rocky’s  ” ONLY ” pet store that supports R.O.A.R.  Unlike other local pet stores, A.J. Pets strongly believes in giving unwanted cats and kittens a new loving home.  That is why A.J. Pets only has cats and kittens at our store that have been rescued by R.O.A.R.  which can be adopted.   100%of all the adoption fees go to R.O.A.R   All cats and kittens are spayed/neutered and have a complete vet check.

All R.O.A.R Cats & Kittens have a complete health check by a certified vet before entering our store.   If you do have any health concerns about any of the cats or kittens at our store please bring your concerns to us.  If we can not fully answer your concerns feel free to contact R.O.A.R.

If you are like A.J. Pets and want to help or just learn more about the R.O.A.R. Society go to roarsociety.ca/


A.J. Pets is Rocky’s only pet store that gives out care sheets that are base on fact and experience in how to look after animals properly.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery to see some of our collection of animals

A.J. Pets is Rocky’s only pet store that gives out care sheets that are base onfact and experience in how to look after animals properly.
A.J. Pets is Rocky’s only pet store to have its own large reptile breeding facility.  This is why A.J. Pets can sell Healthy, top quality reptiles at low prices.  A.J. Pets can Honestly say we have the knowledge and experience to give our customers so they have the best advice to care for and keep their reptiles.

Small Animals:

A.J. Pets has Rocky’s 
LARGEST ” selection of healthy small animals and small animal supplies.   Most of the small animals we sell are raised by us.  This way we can ensure our customers get healthyanimals and the right knowledge to care for them.   We also sell our own specially formulated small animal feed.
Hamsters $5.99
YES, you read it right  $ 5.99 is ourregular price on hamsters. We have the lowest price in Canada on hamsters.
Other local pet stores sell hamsters for more than $ 12.99 each, that is more than double the price that A.J. Pets sells them for.  Just another reason everyone shops at A.J. Pets & Supplies.


A.J. Pets has Rocky’s   “Largest  selection of Healthy birds.  We are Rocky’s only pet store to have its own large breeding facility.  This way we can ensure the Heath and Quality of our birds.


A.J. Pets has Rocky’s Largest selection of healthy Betta fish.

A.J. Pets has a large selection of healthy fresh water fish and aquarium supplies.   We have everything you need, whether you are just starting out or adding to an existing set up.   We also do FREE aquarium water testing to ensure your aquarium is running smoothly.

A.J. Pets has trusted aquarium experience.  We have done many in home setups as well as business setups. A.J. Pets gives our customers the right information and honest advice.

And unlike other local pet stores who charge customers for water usage with the fish they sell,  A.J. Pets does not add any unnecessary charges to our customers.


If you are looking for something a little different for a pet, A.J. Pets also carries a variety of arachnids


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